Panning Gold

By Jeff Williams

Gold ! Gold ! Gold !

Now I know for most of you that the topic of Gold might be off the subject of Automotive repair, but I thought that you might be interested in knowing how the Yellow metal is found especially now that it is hovering around      Wow $ 1200. oo dollars an ounce..

The first thing people think of is the lonely prospector with his mule and supplies trekking across the wilderness in search of that elusive mother load.

But the truth of the matter is that if you just know where to look and keep in mind that Gold is very heavy, then you are on your way to finding it.

So, without a long winded story on geology, here is the short end of it.

First and most important. To find Gold, you must go where it has already been found.

Second, remember that gold is very heavy and likes to  settle  in low places like cracks, crevices and bedrock.

And third is a very famous quote but holds true to this day.     ” If ya ain’t Bold then ya get no Gold “

What that means to say is in a nut shell is that if you work hard and dare to try new things then you will find that magic nugget

The next question is what type of equipment is needed to recover Gold. Well my friend there is a long list to answer that with but in short heres what you might want to bring with you on your next trip.

For starters, a gold pan and practice at home using it too.

Second, a classifying screen that fits on your Gold pan

And last a small shovel to dig with.

Now your ready to start finding the Mother Load. That is if you are around water. If not , then you will have to haul your own in and pan in a small tub.

Just watch the video below to get the hang of it.

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Do you have any more information on the gold pump you showed on a video you made? Do you sell the plans, the pump or ?
Thanks for any info.


Hi Larry Yes we sell the plans and the Pump. Jeff


I guess I owe you a cup of coffee. Do you sell all the gold panning equipment?


Hi Patricia, what type of equipment do you need? Jeff


I guess everything. We have a metal detector and a whole family willing to make some effort. My parents have land in the Mojave desert. They’ve had it for over 40 years and there is an active gold mine within 5 miles from it. We are on a time limit because an energy company wants to lease the land for energy windmills. I suggested to my family that we go check it out for gold, that’s why I was googling about gold panning, and came across your link. Have any suggestions?


Hi Jeff
What is the best pan to start out with ?
what are some areas in Arizona that have gold?
I have always wanted to take a chance and try panning for gold Thank you you are awesome


Hi Jeff Williams
What is the best pan to start out with ?
what are some areas in Arizona that have gold?
I have always wanted to take a chance and try panning for gold Thank you


Hi Mike, The Garret Super Sluice Pan, Gold Basin, Stanton, Rich Hill, Lynx Creek , Bradshaw Mountains, Lapaz District. Its hard work and you might have to dig a lot of holes to see some color. Jeff


Hi, very nice job! I saw all your videos on youtube! Amazing! I have a question: can I come there to find gold with you? So I give you a bottle of italian wine too! Bye, see you soon!


Hi Jeff, Been watching a lot of your videos of you and your dad. Great stuff. I’m planning a trip out to Arizona this Spring.When you find gold, where do you sell it and do you get close to market price. Do you recommend using a sluce if water is present ? Are those claim maps on line worth the investment? Thanks for your time. Jim


Hi Jim, we sell the fines to a refinery, we get about 75 to 80 percent spot unless we melt it down ourselves. Yes a sluice is great if you classify first. No you can get the maps for free if you look around. Jeff


I belong to a number of gold prospecting clubs in southern Nevada. I have an info-only (I sell nothing!!!!)website on which I coordinate the events & activities of 3 clubs in our area.

Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada, the Las Vegas Chapter of the GPAA, And the Nye County Goldseakers (Parump,NV) all have claims available to members. All within a few hours drive from Las Vegas. Most claims are in Nevada or just across Hoover dam into Arizona.

All three clubs welcome visitors to meetings and to outings on their claims. Most types of equipment are used by members at these outings, and most are willing to demonstrate and talk about their equipment. Many will even tell what they like about it and also tell you what they should have done or purchased instead.

Please feel free to post my website address on your site and also feel free to come to one of our meetings or outings.

If you have questions, contact me at the above address.



Thanks George for the great info. We are with the MPA club and plan on joining the rest as they have great claims. Jeff


I saw you on YouTube and you were at Gold Basin prospecting for gold or digging holes or something like that. What I wanted to know is how did you make your hand held magnate. The one you were using to check for iron ore (Black Sand). I would like to make one, could you give me a little help or point me in the right direction.


Hi Dennis, I made it out of a piece of copper tubing filled with neodymium magnets and a handle. Jeff


Hello Jeff, you guy’s have the best and most educational videos. Thank you. Your Dad never says much, maybe he just writes the scipts.
After 8 months and many Youtube video watching, I think the Trommel is the way to go and your homemade one seems to be as good or better than any of the manufactured units.
Do you sell or give out a material and/or a cutting list of your Trommel? With any cost saving tips (like the wiper motor)or revised building plans.
Any help would be great.
Thanks Ernie


Hi Ernie, Thanks for all the great comments, as far as the Trommel is concerned we do sell the plans to this Trommel and we have the option of building one for you if you like. The plans are 20 U.S. dollars and the entire Trommel with Trailer and water recirculation system is $5000.00. We have modeled our unit ofter the Big Units and it even comes with a nugget trap. Jeff



I am interested in getting some of the plans for the gold pump. I am not finding it on your website.


Hi Tim, which one are you looking at. Jeff


Great Youtube videos. Would there happen to be room for 2 eager lads on your next trip? We very much would like to learn more and have our own equipment, or just extra muscle… Thanks for the videos either way.


Hi Ken, thanks for the comments. We appreciate the offer and when the time comes we will definitely keep you Lads in mind. Thanks. Jeff


I just want to know how to build a dry washing masheen I searched all of your videos and I did not see any istructions so can you help


I mean instructions


Can I hang with you and pop watch learn listen and even help just moved to AZ retired and bored? Is it possible?


Hello Jeff i am heading to las vegas for work but hopefully will be spending the weekend prospecting.
I brought my equipment the questions i have are where should i go and do i need a permit to sluice in nevada.


Hi Jeff, I first want to say that i love watching you on you tube. keep them coming!!!!! Right now, I’m to the point of melting my gold, and im having issues, {lol to say the least.} i’m confused on flux. I’ve tried borax, and don’t know what went wrong, but had no luck. i just picked up some casting flux for gold and silver,but after the borax, i’m a little Leary. I saw your video on you-tube {and commented} on melting gold with map-gas, {you make it look so easy}. The flux you use, is there a name for it, {like casting or?????} and you told me you can order it on line but i was wondering where i would be able to buy it locally. also does the tip you use on the map gas matter? I got an idea why don’t you come on out and show me lol lots of places in Colorado for gold. Thanks for your time


Hi Jeff,
I love your videos! You have a tremendous amount of knowledge and teach very well! Since I am a first time Metal Detector for GOLD and I am not panning, mining, sluicing, crushing Quartz,etc. for GOLD but only looking to Metal Detect for Nuggets, where should I search for it. I live in Burbank California and Griffith Park is very close to where I live. I have tried a few times with no success. Do you feel that their is GOLD in the Mountains of Griffith Park California? Also what about the Desert land in Hisperia, Barstow, etc. Do you think there are GOLD nuggets in flat desert land? Thank you Jeff. I look forward to ordering your CD!



Hi Jeff, just want to say I enjoyed your gold prospecting videos on youtube. I am a beginner at this hobby. I haven’t had time for any hobbies when I was in the military so I guess this would be my first hobby in civilian life. Even when all my friends and family say there is no gold to be found in Nevada I always tell them that there is this guy on youtube who finds gold in Nevada.So I am sure I’ll finds some one day. If I don’t, at least I get a chance to leave the filth of Las Vegas and enjoy the great out doors.
Thanks again for the videos

Robert Weiss
Former IS2 USN


Hey Jeff i watch your videos on youtube i am 11 and im learning.


Hi Tyler, thanks for the comment I am glad you are learning from are videos. If you have questions then ask. Jeff


Hi Robert Thanks for the really great comments. Trust me there is plenty of Gold in Nevada. If you have questions on where to look or what to use then just ask. Jeff


Hi Ken, thanks for the really great comments, as far as Griffith park is concerned I not sure but I do know you can find pickers and sometimes nugget out side of Barstow, Calif at Coolgardie placer field. There are also other club claims in that area you can find gold at with a detector. Here is a link to one place I think you will like. Jeff


Hi Nicole I am not sure where you can buy it locally but I know the flux we us from
Works great. Its called Chapman recipe. Try it. The tip does not matter and its too cold in Colorado ( lol ) Jeff


Do u find alot of gold i dont because i live in WestVirgina there is not much gold.The only thing i pan in is in streams.P.S let me no when you make a video.When i pan in streams i find quarts with the garet gold pa im wanting the garet supper sluce but i dont have 10dollares do get it offline.


I saw you on YouTube and you were at Gold Basin prospecting for gold and digging holes again.
You mentioned during the video, that for a small sum of $10 one could purchase several of your videos.
How does one go about purchasing your videos?


Hi Dennis, just e-mail me at and we will send you one. Jeff


hey jeff I love to gold pan can you give me tips.


Hello Jeff, first i might add that i really like your youtube vids very helpful, I am very interested in gold prospecting and live in wisconsin was wondering if wisconsin has any potential for prospecting for gold or silver. Thanks for your time, Steve


hi jeff where can i find crystalline gold ? in the united states ? second where in north carolina can i go gold paning ? your videos are awsome !


I have been going to gold basin a lot lately in the last year, im still fairly new to prospecting and dont have any prospecting buddies. I was just curious how do you pick the spot where your going to dig for the day? I have tried new areas and havent had much luck, I am very indecisive on where to set up the dry washer and dig for the day. I just dont know what to look for as far as which wash, bank or hill. i know its heavy and sinks and know black sand is a good indicator but not always the case from previous experience. well if you guys come down towards gold basin any time soon, give me call, Ive been a big fan of your videos and hope to see ya make more.

thanks- Daniel

Michael A. Schmidt
January 1st, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Thank You Mr. Jeff ! I am planning on trying to pan and dig for some gold -anywhere. It should be fun ! Thank You for the helpful information.


Hi Steve, thank you very much for the great compliments, as far as Wisconsin is concerned, if you live near Milwaukee there is flour gold in virtually every river around you. It is nearly microscopic and you probably wouldn’t even notice it if you weren’t looking for ridiculously small specks. Every place the glaciers went in Wi you will find some gold. There is a GPAA chapter that meets in Greenbush (up by Sheboygan) on the second Saturday of the month at 3:00 pm at the only church in town. Go to the meeting and you will meet all sorts of people, some who live close to you, who will help you find WI gold. Here is a link that might help as well :


Hi Brandon, Try this link to help you in your search for crystalline Gold. As far as NC is concerned, try this link, it will get you started. Jeff


Hi Daniel, Gold Basin can be a little tricky to hunt. The Gold is spotty and nuggets show up in the weirdest places. but what I can tell you is if you have a good Topo map try to stay above the 3000 elevation line mostly sec. 20, 21,28 29 . The bigger Gold has been found there. If not the try Lost Basin ( King Tut Placers ) They are easier to get to and I have always found Gold there ( sec. 10 ) I hope this helps. Jeff


Thanks Michael, we appreciate the great comments. Jeff


Thank you for the advice, I’m planning on going to the basin area next weekend and ill give them a shot, I will try and get a topo Map to check elevations, I went to Griffith area today (MPA claim) and didn’t have too much luck, got some small fine gold but no packers yet :) . The ground was a little wet for the large royal drywasher I just recently purchased so had to run my dirt 2 times but hope tomorrow is a little better.

Thanks jeff, I’ll let you know how it goes!

– daniel foley


Jeff thanks for the great videos. I cannot prospect much any more due to a stroke. I appreciate your web casts! Keep them coming.
Hope you have a Golden New Year!


Hi Joe, I am really sorry to hear about your stroke. We will keep em coming if people want to watch them. By the way if there is something you would like to see us do as far as Gold mining is concerned then let us know at We will try to get one out just for you. Jeff


Hey Jeff, I’ve watched about all of your gold videos, and can’t wait for more! In your video “SECRET GOLD MINE!”, You mentioned that you extracted 2.8 grams, without crushing the chunks, Well did you ever crush the chunks and run it in the washplant?


hey jeff i was wondering if theres a place where i could pan for gold in or near las vegas


Hello Jeff

Your videos are very helpful to me on what to look for when searching for pocket gold in iron oxide. Would you have any suggestions for areas to search in NW Nevada (Washoe County)?

Much appreciated.



Hi Fred I have to say that no we never did crush the rest of it. WE stock piled it with the rest of the other material that did not pass thru the trommel and figured that when we get a large enough pile that we would spend the day crushing it all. Jeff


Hi Zan actually there is. We have found flour Gold down by the Colorado river below Nelson. If you would like some nice chunks I would say up around the Johnny mine in Pahrump . Clubs like GSSN and Nye County Gold Seekers will get you on there claims. Jeff


Hi Eric, here is a link that might help you. Its a PDF file and has some good info in it. Jeff


Thank you jw i wanna go hunting with you one day. I just moved to vegas and caught the gold fever lol. You got my contact let me know thanks


Thanks for the reply Jeff, in your video “SECRET GOLD MINE”, where you removed that material from the landslide, did you have file a claim/get permission to do so ? I live near an area with the same type layers as shown

Tuanks again


Actually what i meant to ask is does someone need to file a claim for a spot like your video WHERE TO FIND GOLD !!! , where the landslide is so close to the stope ? And what about the spot in your video SECRET GOLD MINE !!!, ? There are similar looking types of dirt where i live.



Jeff, I mentioned red dirt/clay hard stuff outside Needles, can I drop a sample by and you tell me what you think of it, I just dont know what I am looking at?
On WED. 1-3-13, I’ll be in Vegas again.
Can I leave it at Desert Outfitters for you to pick up?
Or should I just samplw pan an see if their is gold on this stuff?
Thanks Darryl


Hi Darryl, if you could leave it up at Desert outfitters that would be great and then let me know so I can pick it up. We will process it and then I will let you know whats in it. Thanks . Jeff


Hi Darryl, if you could leave it up at Desert Outfitters for me to pick up I think that would be easier. Just e-mail me so I can go get it then we will let you know whats in it ok. Jeff


Hey jeff i went through the old town in nelson near black hawk mine. Can we prospect the tailings the old timers left there? Its on blm land. Just wanna make sure…


Hi Zan, as long as there is no claim on that mine you can go through the tailings. I must tell you though that I have been around Nelson for the last 30 years and most of the mines even up to the early 80s were using sodium cyanide to release the Gold. There are a few places that have free mill Gold in that area. . Jeff


Hey Jeff, do I need a permit to sluice for gold in Nevada? Thank you


Hi Louie, no you do not. Jeff


Hey Jeff the mountain of gold video was it in NV of somewhere else. I don’t know about the lead but looks like ok golds


Hi Jeff, I was wondering what area of Arizona do you live ? and have you been to the Mohave area and tried panning?


Hi Joe, yes it was shot in Nevada. There is a good amount of Lode Gold ( free Mill ) in this area. Jeff


Hi David, We actually live in Las Vegas but have claims in Arizona, Nevada and California. and yes we have been to the Mohave Desert and have found Gold there. Here is a link to a video that was shot there. We hope you enjoy it. Jeff


Hi Jeff, this maybe a dumb question, but I would like to ask it anyway. So I have watched a ton of videos on prospecting for gold with a sluice box, gold detectors etc. Question #1, after all this time that you have been involved in prospecting for gold, do you think it is worth it to get involved, has it proved worth your time and effort? I know it probably a big secret to say how much money you have made or not, but it looks to me from all the videos I have watched that most of the time it does not prove profitable for people based on the amount time and effort involved?

Thank you,



Hi Adam , this is a question that I get a lot and no it’s not a dumb question. The answer is simple actually. I can sum it up with an old proverb that says ” Life is a journey with many paths but the meaning is not the destination but rather the journey on the path you choose ” That simply means Adam that for me yes it is worth every minute of it. I may not become a millionaire over night but I really enjoy the activity and if I get Gold on top of it then great but if you are going into it to make money then you need to make it a business and nothing more. You can and will make money at it but it will be a job more then a hobby. Jeff


Hi Jeff, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I guess part of me thinks, wow, back in 1849 they never had a gold detector machine like we can have today. That is amazing. Surely I could succeed with one of those. Then I watch this guy on YouTube take one out looking for gold and all he finds for several hours is bullets and bottle caps. I noticed that you don’t use a gold detector, what are thoughts on them? Thanks, Adam


Hi Adam , actually we do use metal detectors ( both VLF and PI ) but have yet to make a video on it. If you know your machine and you are in an area that has nuggets then that is the way to go. I admit it can try your patience but you have to stick with it and you will be rewarded. We make more videos on other means for getting Gold because we are trying to show people that you can get it without spending a lot of money up front. Jeff


Hey Jeff,
I’d like to send you a couple of photos of some rock from an inactive gold mine I’m exploring. How can I do that?
Thanks for all your videos, BEST on the web! I just got a Falcon, would love to see explain more, the last video sort of cut that out. Also I can’t stop saying plumbojarosite, thanks for sticking that in my head!


Thanks for the Super comments. You could e-mail me the pics at ;
We are planning on making another video about the MD 20 that goes into more explanation for ground balance and settings.
Glad you enjoyed our videos and don;t worry we have more unusual words that will get stuck in your head LOL. Jeff

Eduardo Antillon
April 5th, 2013 at 2:33 pm

Hi Jeff, my name is Eduardo Antillon, from Chihuahua, Mexico. I´m a gold hunter fan and I love your videos on youtube. I´m a beginner on gold searching, and I have some questions. I recently discover a place where gold used to exist, there are like 5 mines of gold in a range of 4 miles around, but they are now abandoned since 1890 and anybody goes to there. My question is: where do I should look to have more chance to find gold? (ground is almost equal to arizona´s), as tools I have a Gold Panning kit and a Garrett metal detector (AT gold), what do you suggest to me to find gold? (I have some picture of the mine and the place). Thanks for your time!


Hi Eduardo, first find out as much about the mines as possible. You have to know if they were mining Free Mill Gold or not. The Gold has to be big enough that you can see it. If they where mining free mill gold then check the mine dumps ( tailing piles ) with your metal detector. Look for white quartz with black or red stains on it. Check near the entrance for large piles of different colored rocks that do not look like what is in the tailing piles. Grab a sample by digging up these piles and screen them into a 5 gallon bucket. Take the fine screened material to some water and pan it out and look for small pieces of Gold. Jeff


Mr. Williams your videos and and info are awesome. I just got into gold panning and it is alot of fun. No gold yet, but I am getting alot of black sand and mica. If I am finding these two does it mean I am close to gold.


Hi Jeff,

I enjoy your videos on YouTube. Thanks for making them. Since you do some hard rock mining & prospecting as well, I have a few photos of an outcrop that I want to send you, and see if you can tell me anything about them. I am still learning my geology. I noticed an Email address above: is that the one to send to? I did not just want to send you an Email without know I am sending you one as a courtesy. Thanks.



Hey thanks Jeff, I found a really great spot been getting around two grams of pickers, and flower gold per five gallon bucket. The thing is there is know water around for 15 miles and transporting it is a pain, I was thinking about a dry washer but not sure what sized would need or what kind. Any ideas, it would be just me using it so does it have to be big or small??? And thanks again


And one more question, I found a spot that is a hard rock mine, and got 2.8 grams of gold in a five gallon bucket. The question is, there an easy way of getting the gold out of the cons it is very heavy and takes a long time to get?


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