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We will be hosting our Nevada Gold Mining Adventures Tour on

Sept 13,14 and 15 

which includes

3 days of Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets in the famous Osceola Gold Mining District. 


 This area produced

Nevada’s Largest Gold Nugget 

( 25 pounds )

and produced over

133,000 Oz of Placer Gold.

You will have the chance to

metal detect

the Bedrock for Gold  Nuggets

and Pickers 

With all of the recent melting

of Heavy Snow pack ,

the Bedrock has been

 loaded with incredible amounts of Gold.

” If that don’t get your blood pumping…..

nothing will. “

So …does this

sound like an adventure for you.

That’s what we thought .

So you know what I am gonna say ….huh
You Better.

So C’mon….Let’s Go !!!!

PLUS... we will be bringing a Gold Bug 2 along with a Garret ATX Deep seeker in case someone needs to borrow one. .

The claim is in a steep Canyon and is

extremely challengingto work.

Ifyou have issues with climbing over rocks

or steep terrain, or walking for long distances,

then we recommend NOT signing up for this one.


You will be responsible for your own Transportation to the claims

( 80 miles from Mount Wilson Ranch ), your own Lodging at the Ranch

and  your own equipment .

Most roads to the lower section of the claim is 2wd accessible ,

but we recommend high clearance vehicles

due to the fact that road conditions change with weather

and these  Claims are in steep Mountains .

The Nearest gas station by Mount Wilson Ranch is Pioche

and when we are at the claims in Osceola it will be Ely.

You are responsible for booking your own rooms or RV spaces at the

Mount Wilson Ranch.

They will be providing Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner

for every day that you stay with them.

Links are below

No mining is allowed on the claims after the tour is completed .

Our schedule will be ;

Friday . Have Breakfast at the Mount Wilson Ranch Restaurant between

8:30 to 9 am.

Leave the Ranch no later then 10 am.

Drive 80 miles from the Ranch to the claims and set up Metal Detectors.

Detect until 2 PM and have Lunch .

( Lunch will be Provided by Mount Wilson Ranch )

      Continue Detecting until 6 pm and head Back to the Ranch for Dinner.   


Saturday  …. Have Breakfast at the Ranch Restaurant Between 8:30 and 9 am then head out directly to the claims no later the 10 am . Detect until 2 PM and have lunch ( Lunch will be provided by Mount Wilson Ranch ) then work until about 6 pm and the drive back to the Ranch for Dinner.

Sunday  …. Have Breakfast at the Ranch Restaurant between 8:30 to 9 am Head back out to the claims for a final day of metal detecting.

We recommend booking your room an extra day

( Thursday )

 that way you can be rested for the next day of Metal Detecting.

If you Book for Friday then please be at the Mount Wilson Ranch

no later then 

10 am so we can get 

started early.

Please book with me and Slim first

before booking your room .

Please remember that our rates are not affiliated

with the Room rates of  Mount Wilson Ranch .

Our rates are as follows

$800.00 per Adult

$200.00 per Child under 18

10 Adults maximum

If you book with us after we have received 10 people,

then you will be completely refunded .

 If you have any question then please feel free

to contact us through this site or through Patreon.

 You will receive confirmation and a list of things to bring

after signing up.

You will need to book your Room or RV space with Mount Wilson Ranch

ASAP as they are limited on space.

Please select the rate the applies to you ( On your Mobile Device check below.)

1  Adult   $ 800.00  Sold Out

2 Adults $ 1600.00 Sold Out

3 Adults $ 2400.00 Sold Out

1   Child    $ 200.00 Sold Out

2 Children $ 400.00 Sold Out

3 Children $ 600.00 Sold Out

Cancellation Policy

( please read )

If you cancel more the 48 hours before your scheduled trip,

then a fee of $ 400.00 dollars will be charged

for each participant

(  $100.00 for each Child )

If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled trip 

then no refund fee’s will be provided.

No Show’s are responsible for 100% of their trip fees.

If you leave the tour for any reason other then an Emergency ,

the no refunds will be given.

Links are in Blue at the Bottom of the Page

Mount Wilson Ranch

Jeff and Nic Nac

1-609- 312- 9681

1-775- 410-1893



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