Are ya thinking of the Gold Laddie

Please only 1 bag per person, first come first serve and of course Premium Patrons only .

You called down the you got it Boy !!!

    You see's Supergene Gold in Limonite.....                        That's Paydirt like you ain't never seen before Sonny Jim

and for only $100 per bag.

Below are some pics of Specimen Gold from our mine.....we will be selling that type of Gold as well


Slim's Paydirt from His Secret mine.

International........( plus $ 25.95 S/H )

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( Premium Patrons Only ....all others will be refunded )

only 9 bags available

Our passion is finding Gold !


You stay the heck out of my mine laddie

Domestic...............( plus $ 7.20 S/H )

Slim's Paydirt from His Secret mine.