You stay the heck out of my mine laddie

( Premium Patrons Only ....all others will be refunded )

Please only 1 bag per person, first come first serve and of course Premium Patrons only .

Below are some pics of Specimen Gold from our mine.....we will be selling that type of Gold as well


You called down the you got it Boy !!!

    You see's Supergene Gold in Limonite.....                        That's Paydirt like you ain't never seen before Sonny Jim

and for only $100 per bag.

International........( plus $ 25.95 S/H )

Slim's Paydirt from His Secret mine.

only 9 bags available

Slim's Paydirt from His Secret mine.

Our passion is finding Gold ! know what I am gonna say better...

Are ya thinking of the Gold Laddie

Domestic...............( plus $ 7.20 S/H )


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